Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'm trying ... but it's trying ...

My Nirvanan family are sitting on my shoulder waiting for me to release them from my head and onto the page. But there's so much else going on in this world, it's hard to make the transfer.
'So why are you sitting there blogging?' shrieks Jen.
'Get back into your own world,' I reply.
'No!' Jen says, 'Your world and my world are one and the same. So stop making excuses, stop blogging, and start typing. Blimey, you haven't even got a title for this 5th book, have you?'
'Maybe. I have a few ideas ...'
'Huh! What you have is an ability to raise displacement activity to an artform.'
'Look, I'm having a hard time, right? Don't have a go at me. I've got enough on my plate without my fictional creations ranting at me!'
'Your fault, matey. You created me but I'm out there now and it's too late for regrets.'
'Oh, all right then ...'