Friday, July 20, 2007

New directions

Having been through the full editing process for my own books , as well as having amassed 8 years as an active member of the East Dulwich Writing Group , it's been a logical step to use those skills and do freelance editorial work.
I'm registered with 2 of the major literary consultancies but am happy to accept direct commissions.
Here's how it works
  • You contact me by email so we can discuss how I can best help you
  • Assuming we're both happy, you send me your manuscript (double spaced and with page numbers) in the post
  • I email you my report, which will be a minimum of 3,000 words, within the next week or so
  • We have further email discussions to clarify any points raised in the report, culminating in a phone conversation
I charge £4.50 per 1,000 words and am happy to consider working in any genre.
Read on to see some of the positive comments I have received from authors whose books I have worked on.
  • 'The overwhelming message I want to send you is "Thank You". I received your report yesterday and have read it - ooooh 30 times! Not only have you identified the key points (both fundamental and in finer detail) but also you have given precise and workable pointers towards where and how the improvements should be made. I feel validated and expertly instructed.I know you are 'doing your job' - but I feel you have applied great care and empathy in your reading and review of my manuscript, for which as a lonesome, first-time novelist working in isolation is very heartening and I'm so grateful. I'm also chuffed that you seemed to like it too!' MC
  • 'As for your detailed report - it's very impressive. I agree with almost all your comments (and where I disagree I know you're probably right). I can't believe that you can see the issues so clearly... Debi - I can't thank you enough. Writing is such a solitary business. It's a great relief to get some encouragement after all this time, and so much good advice.' AC
  • 'Thank you so much for this. It was vastly more than I expected and I doubt all the time that you obviously put in was covered by the fee that I paid for the appraisal! You’re a great lady for detail and I can see a number of instances where you’ve latched on to something, usually in dialogue, with which I’ve struggled manfully and still haven’t got right.' JC
  • 'I have now been through your notes in detail and once again many, many thanks for your conscientious attention to detail. There is very little which you have noted that I am not prepared to look at again with a view to amending, tightening or deleting, and in regard to making the plot work more smoothly.' JC
And this is a copy of an email forwarded to me. It was sent by the man who runs one of the consultancies I freelance for to an author who wanted to work with me again on his 2nd draft:
'You can rely on Debi's suggestions. If you feel strongly that she's erred in a particular comment, then go with your gut feel not hers. Otherwise, trust her completely. If you get another opinion from us, then it'll most likely agree with Debi's on at least 90% of major points. If you get another opinion from anyone else, then it'll either (i) agree mostly with Debi, or (ii) be wrong. Your best bet is to get stuck into revisions, then come back to us when you're done. And thanks for your nice words about Debi - she's a star.' HB