Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Done it!

On Thursday 13th December, I wrote:
Just had to come in here and say I'm on a rollercoaster with the The Gene Pool.

Nearly finished the first draft and I've just written a couple of chapters that make me feel like I've lived through several traumatic lifetimes simultaneously.

Some people think that writing means you sit on your arse all day, so what can possibly be difficult about it?

I'm too drained to even begin to explain ...

On Monday 17th December I wrote:
I've just written the last words of the first draft of The Gene Pool!

I can't quite believe it.
This book has taken double the length of time of any of its 4 predecessors and has caused me more angst than all the others put together.

Is it any good?
To be honest, I don't know yet.
But at least I now have something to print out and work on in order to trim any excess fat and add garnish and flavour as necessary and come up with a finished manuscript.

I'm excited.
And triumphant.
Excuse me while I go off and dance around my laptop ...