Friday, April 02, 2010

Literary balls

I'm referring to the number of lit-related balls I'm juggling at the moment.

I've just finished reading and critiquing one book and have another MS waiting.

A week from today I will be in York for the Festival of Writing.

By this time next Friday, I'll be part of the way through the mini-course I'm running with Emma Darwin - Self Edit Your Work for Market.
With over 60 participants booked, we won't be able to give individual feedback but are working hard to ensure the course will give aspiring authors the tools they need to edit their own writing and learn the requirements of the market.

The following morning, my workshop on POV has been shifted to a giant amphitheatre as a result of 90+ bookings. 

My one-to-one Book Doctor slots on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning are also booked out.

In between, there's a veritable feast of stuff going on and there had better be plenty of coffee available to keep me going when the adrenalin runs out.

I'm grabbing a few days after that to go away with the family.  (Remember me, guys?  I'm your mother.)

At some point, I really hope to be able to make my own WIP a priority.  I've typed up the revisions and now just need to go through the 2nd draft for the final polish.

I've completed my short story set in Croydon for 33 and it's been accepted by Glasshouse Books.
The launch is scheduled for 6th July and there are plans afoot for lots of events.

Blimey, but there are a lot of people writing their hearts out in this world ...
I've just received an email from The Brit Awards.  (I'm one of their 'high profile' sic judges.)
The response to the competition has been overwhelming and they've had to postpone the process. 
The Awards ceremony will now take place on 15th July. 
Meanwhile, the first layer of judging is taking place with over 21,000 submissions being sifted through by the first layer judges.

I could go on.  I have more workshops booked in central London coming up soon, for example ...

And on and ...
There's plenty more where that came from but I really should be getting on and doing it rather than talking about it.

I'm considering live blogging the Festival, so I shouldn't be gone too long.

Meanwhile, I need another coffee.